Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Introduction to Culture of Celebrity

Our first topic of study this year will be an exploration of the challenges associated with the current culture of celebrity that grips many people around the globe. With social media advancing information sharing in leaps and bounds, many of us our bombarded with more than we want to know. Here is what FPSPI has to say abouth the topic Culture of Celebrity:

We are currently surrounded by images of people who are “famous for being famous.” Magazines, TV, and the Internet are flooded by minute details of celebrities’ lives. Young people see many of these celebrities as their role models even though these celebrities may indulge in destructive behaviors. Research has documented a celebrity-worship syndrome (CWS) where the person’s idolatry becomes all-consuming. At its worst, this can lead to the stalking of celebrities, whilst others spend their lives learning everything they can about “their” celebrity, collecting memorabilia, making websites, or writing “fan fiction.” While there are a variety of negative impacts resulting from celebrities’ actions, they are also able to bring widespread attention to worthwhile causes around the globe. As the media finds more and more ways to exploit celebrities for profit, what will the effect be on the lives of those susceptible to “celebrity worship”? What extreme measures might celebrities take to stay out of the public eye? Can this trend continue to escalate without dire consequences?

Be on the lookout for links to research that will give you a head start on the topic. Search the topic on your own and add your links to our blog. As you all know - nothing that you do to help further our collective efforts is in vain. Every extra effort translates directly to extra credit when you need it. Hope you are having a great summer. Mr. L

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