Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some people say the situation in Syria highlights what can happen when a government is willing to go to any extreme to preserve their own power. However, others believe the government is simply taking direct action to restore peace and stability in their country. Do you think the Syrian government has a right to use any means necessary to restore order and stability - even if it means attacking and killing Syrians? If protesters become violent in any nation, is it the responsibility of the government to use force to restore order? Do you feel Syrian protesters basic human rights are being violated, or that they are getting what they deserve for allowing their protest movement to become violent? Is the video intended to bring awareness to the situation, or is it simply propaganda used to turn people against the Syrian government?

Friday, February 3, 2012


What do YOU think Human Rights are? Are they important? When introducing this topic many of my students asked, "Why should I care about human rights?" How would YOU answer that question?

Human Rights

Since the end of World War II, many people have prioritized the protection of human rights around the world. But what exactly are human rights? Do they vary depending on religion and culture?

Many western countries criticize the Islamic world for its treatment of women, while the United States is often condemned for its use of the death penalty. Can one nation fight to protect human rights in another nation, and if so, how?

What challenges do globalization and the prevention of terrorism present to the preservation of human rights in the future?

Do poverty and the inequities between  countries fall under the umbrella of human rights?

After the devastation of two world wars, world leaders came together to advance the cause of human rights. The newly formed United Nations established The Commission on Human Rights. Together, members from around the world drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
However, though many of the democracies of the United Nations readily accepted the declaration, there were other nations who worried that the declaration would upset their way of life. These tensions remain unresolved today and present a huge barrier to agreement over, and enforcement of universal human rights.


Future Problem Solvers, we need you to examine violations, issues, obstacles, and alternatives related to the topic of human rights. This is a subject that is critical to both your personal well-being, and the well-being of future generations. We all have a right to live; now we need to hold governments around the world accountable for ensuring that our basic human dignity is preserved both now, and in the future.

Use this post to list Human Rights violations that are important to you. Feel free to add information, comment, and provide resources on each others posts. This is where we begin exploration of the challenges within our topic. Enjoy.

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