Friday, February 3, 2012

Welcome to the EEExperience

Welcome to what I hope will become an essential component of our problem solving community.

Background: My students and I participate in a program known as Future Problem Solving Program International. We work together with over 250,000 students from around the world to address global challenges from a futuristic perspective. We use a process based approach to problem solving that allows us to take on some of the most pressing issues around the world. The process itself gives students the power to tackle HUGE problems, in a systematic manner, that can truly make a difference and bring about change.

Vision: This is where YOU come in. Whether you are a student, parent, fellow educator, or a person who wants to make a difference - I invite you to participate in our problem solving conversations, and indeed to stimulate your own conversations. Your comments, solution ideas, and insight will help everyone involved become more informed, powerful, global problem solvers.

The future of technology and communication is here. Social networking and weblogs represent an excellent opportunity to share information and ideas. I am always looking for ways to communicate solution ideas and action plans for the problem solving topics we are exploring. The EEExperience represents yet another way that we can work together to address some of the most pressing global issues facing all of humanity. Your participation in this blog provides the opportunity to have your voice heard by some of the most intelligent, compassionate, active problem solvers in our nation.

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